The Effective Director Course

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Cultivate your director career

Gain practical skills to support your director career — whether you’re looking to gain your first appointment or want to excel in your current director responsibilities. You'll learn from expert directors on how to effectively lead an organisation, master the boardroom, perform your responsibilities and execute with best practice.

The Effective Director Course is your chance to:

  • network with other aspiring directors
  • equip yourself with the ability to plan your director career
  • be eligible to become a member of Governance Institute, joining our high calibre network of directors, company secretaries, governance advisers and risk managers
  • gain 21 CPD hours. 

Learning objectives

Gain the foundations. Understand the role and function of both the individual director and board.

Identify behaviours, importance of soft skills and awareness of others. Learn how to apply your skills and experience to contribute to effective boards.

Gain techniques and methods to increase the likelihood of acquiring a director position and understand the issues to consider before you accept a position.

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The Effective Director Course

Cultivate your director career 

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