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Title Article summary Date published
  • NPOs’ money laundering and terrorism financing risks
  • Vanguard’s growing focus on governance
  • Government gets tough on phoenix activity

Zilla Efrat speaks with Susan Pascoe AM as her tenure as Commissioner of the ACNC comes to an end.

  • This article summarises qualitative research from 35 Australian organisations with a stated intention of achieving more with less.
  • Consistent themes emerged on where organisations are succeeding and failing.
  • The key questions in this article can act as an organisational health check to drive stronger performance.
  • When looking at banking regulation, disclosure, or standard form contracts, it is clear the self-regulatory system in Australia has failed.
  • Under the BEAR proposed regime, Australia's bank executives would be required to take responsibility for their corporate culture.
  • It is difficult to determine if the proposed BEAR would curb conduct risk of banks and bank executives as it is still too early to point to evidence from other jurisdictions.
  • A focus on regulatory compliance in the aged care sector is necessarily a major priority.
  • However, an overemphasis on compliance can lead organisations to miss opportunities and risks in other areas of the business
  • An enterprise risk management approach provides a basis for continuous incremental improvements.

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