How to join

There are three ways to join:

If you are joining via postgraduate education or a certificate, you will automatically be invited to apply for membership once you have completed the required qualifying course.

If you are joining via our Professional Entry Scheme, you will need to check you meet the specified requirements.

Your level of experience within the field of governance or risk management will determine your eligibility for Certificated, Associate or Fellow membership

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Become a member

To apply for membership,  fill out a membership application form and send it to

Download an application form

Request for transfer (in) of membership from another ICSA Division to Governance Institute of Australia.

For Governance Institute of Australia to accept a transfer of membership:

  • you must have permanent residency in Australia
  • be a current financial member of your current Division in ‘good standing’
  • possess the status GRAD, ACIS  or FCIS 
  • may have to pay a fee to complete the transfer, depending on the renewal cycle of your current division.

DOWNLOAD a transfer FORM

Please note: Governance Institute does not have an MOU with ICSI to allow for a transfer of ICSI membership to either the Australian Division of ICSA or Governance Institute of Australia. View the qualifications for a new membership.

Become a member

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