2017 Australian Board Remuneration Survey Report

We partnered with McGuirk Management Consultants to produce the 2017 Australian Board & Governance Executive Remuneration Survey Report. This has been a member benefit since 2015.

The 2017 Australian Board Remuneration Survey is based on remuneration data covering 1,021 boards. This data has been collected from:

  • 390 online contributors, mostly Governance Institute of Australia members
  • 261 boards who are ongoing contributors to the survey
  • 370 client boards of McGuirk Management Consultants.

Combined, 824 (81 per cent) of these boards remunerate either all directors, or a chair or a director. The report also covers remuneration data on board committees, MD/CEOs, finance executives/CFOs, company secretaries and governance executives.

All of the remuneration data presented in the full report tables has been segmented by revenue, assets, full time employees (FTE), type of organisation and type of industry.

Governance Institute of Australia members can receive the combined results based on type of organisation segment here.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the survey for their valuable input.

This report allows you to see how your remuneration compares to others or to seek an extract for a role that you are pursuing. 

About McGuirk Management Consultants (MMC)

McGuirk Management Consultants (MMC) have been providing clients with remuneration benchmarking and general remuneration consulting since 1990. They work with industry partners such as Governance Institute of Australia, and now publish six national remuneration and benchmarking surveys, including two board remuneration surveys.

If you would like to purchase the full report ($1,250 plus GST) or require any assistance with your remuneration benchmarking please contact them directly on the numbers listed below.

Terry McGuirk BA(Hons), FAICD, FAMI
Email: terrymcguirk@internode.on.net
Office: 08 8568 2866
Mobile: 0411 722 388


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