• Australians lose faith in corporate ethics in wake of banking scandals

    by Steven Burrell, Chief Executive, Governance Institute of Australia

    Australians expect high standards from their financial institutions, but our research suggests that these are far from being met. Continuing scandals and revelations from the Hayne Royal Commission are further eroding Australians’ trust in the ethical behaviour of companies, according to the findings of Governance Institute of Australia’s annual Ethics Index.

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  • New Corporate Governance Principles too prescriptive

    by Steven Burrell, Chief Executive Officer, Governance Institute of Australia

    As you may have read in today’s AFR, Governance Institute of Australia has raised concerns with the draft 4th edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (Principles and Recommendations), including the increased level of prescription in a number of areas and the  inclusion of imprecise terms such as ‘social licence to operate’.

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  • Five tips for maximising our website

    by Rachel Waterhouse, Executive Manager, Engagement

    I hope you’ve been enjoying our new website! It was built with you in mind, so we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Here are my top five tips for getting the most out of our website.

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  • Insider tips on maximising postgraduate study

    by Gabrielle Trenbath (WA), board member, Disability Services, Avivo: Live Life, and Physical Disability Australia

    As an early career board member, I have been developing awareness of governance and strategy throughout my career. I serve on several boards, including those of Disability Services and Physical Disability Australia.

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  • Five reasons why you can’t miss National Conference 2018

    by Steven Burrell, Chief Executive, Governance Institute of Australia

    I am delighted to announce that National Conference 2018 is now open for registrations. We are in a time when business leaders are redefining the underpinnings of corporate governance and risk management around the ideas of social purpose, sustainable development, licence to operate and long-term value. National Conference 2018’s agenda draws on those themes, summed up by three key words — Purpose, Performance and Value.

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  • Five tips to building a portfolio career

    by Jon Hottot, Davidson’s GM (QLD), Executive & Boards

    There is no reason your dream of having a portfolio career can’t start now — or at the very least, your preparation for one. Here are our top five tips to paving the way for a portfolio career.

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