• Six weeks and a roadshow in…


    This week marks my sixth at the Governance Institute of Australia, and I wanted to take this opportunity to share an update about my early days with the association. My initial observations are overwhelmingly positive: we have great staff, a committed board, strong products and a reputation for excellence, transparency and integrity.

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  • My first week as CEO of Governance Institute


    One week in, and I’m excited to be leading Governance Institute of Australia into what will be a huge 2019. Thank you to everyone who has already reached out with their support, and provided such warm welcomes.

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  • Managing the work-life-study balance as a postgraduate student

    by Penelope Wakefield GIA(Cert), Governance, Risk and Compliance Consultant, Complispace

    Those of us who have been in the workforce for some time can really benefit from the knowledge refresh and new skills offered by postgraduate study. However, trying to find that elusive balance between full-time work, study, family and fun, can seem overwhelming. Here are my top tips for managing the work-life-study balance.

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  • Shareholder primacy — going beyond the shareholder

    by Catherine Maxwell FGIA, Executive Manager, Policy & Advocacy, Governance Institute of Australia

    The debate between those who advocate that the purpose of the company is to only to make profits for shareholders (shareholder primacy), and those who consider that a company should take into account a broader range of interests has a venerable history. We have seen advocates for both sides of the debate active in the last few weeks. We have also seen discussions about whether Australian law should change to include provisions which specifically permit directors to consider non-shareholder interests as has been done in parts of the US and the UK.

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  • National Conference — Purpose. Performance. Value.

    by Warren Baillie, President, Governance Institute

    I know many of you are still on a high from our National Conference, which took place in Melbourne last week — there were so many insights and ideas to motivate us in our roles to deliver future focused whole-of-organisation governance best practice.

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  • Governance Institute’s National Conference — driving sustainability, trust and shared value

    by Meegan George, Acting Chief Executive, Governance Institute

    The bar was certainly set high on the first day of National Conference here in Melbourne. Get the round up of the day's exciting events and insights. 

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