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Aligning strategy and risk in a disruptive world

Posted by Donna Hardman, Non-Executive Director, Villa World Ltd and Australian Military Bank, Change Leader & Consultant, Future Boards on 11/10/2017

At the board table, strategy and risk have long been question sets considered together:

  • Where are we going?
  • What might stop us getting there?

Indeed, the idea that the risk and strategy disciplines should work together is not new. What has changed however is the velocity, variety and volume of questions being handled.

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What is the greatest disruption sweeping through the NFP sector worldwide?

Posted by Kate Thiele, Principal, Klarity and Non-Executive Director on 09/10/2017

While disruption in the fundraising and business models of NFPs has been evolving for some time, it is the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) that is generating large scale generational change transforming traditional welfare style models to customer-centric models. 

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New course for directors — a frank review

Posted by Trisha Mok FGIA, Past President and Non-Executive Director, Governance Institute of Australia and Executive Director, Legal & Compliance and Company Secretary, Scentia on 06/10/2017

I recently attended Governance Institute’s new Effective Director Course in Sydney — three great days of new governance learnings, especially around soft skills, practical insights into how to get that elusive non-executive director role, and making new business connections. 

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Negotiation skill — learnt not intuitive

Posted by Michael Klug, AM Consultant, Clayton Utz and speaker at Governance Institute of Australia’s 34th National Conference in Melbourne on 4 and 5 December on 04/10/2017

Negotiation is the most frequent and voluntary activity we engage in  at home, in the workplace or in fact just about anywhere. Sounds simple, but when it comes to negotiation people often make terrible decisions because the negotiation skills they have gained intuitively over years, sometimes even decades, just aren’t adequate to achieve the desired outcome. 

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Salutatory lessons for us all in the Governance Institute Ethics Index

Posted by Steven Burrell, Chief Executive Governance Institute of Australia on 19/09/2017

Last month Governance Institute released Australia's the second annual Governance Institute Ethics Index, the findings of which make it very clear that leaders must do more to restore trust in their institutions and organisations. Australians are unhappy with the ethical standards of our largest corporations and their CEOs, particularly in banking and finance, as well as of parliamentarians, unions and large sections of the media. 

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Disrupting from within

Posted by Kyle Loades, President and Chairman, NRMA on 19/09/2017

While our 100-year history and household name created tremendous opportunities for the NRMA, more recently, it was forced to undergo a complete transformation to ensure the organisation and our 2.5 million members stay on the road and in business. Driverless cars, car sharing companies, an aging customer base and a reluctance by younger people to join, forced us to rethink the business model, identify and mitigate risk at board and executive levels and develop and implement an organisation wide transformation strategy.

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