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Year: 2014

Governance Institute’s National Conference kicks off Monday 1 December — and our opening presenter invites you to cap off the year by gazing into the future….

Posted by Peter Dongas, National Director, Operations on 26/11/2014

Our much anticipated National Conference kicks off on Monday 1 December as the year draws to a close.  This year, Brisbane plays host city, and we have assembled a list of exciting speakers and presentations to challenge our thinking on governance and bring new perspectives to perennial issues.

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John Stanhope, Chair of Australia Post, to launch Governance Institute’s new risk courses with an address on the role of risk management against the onslaught of digital disruption

Posted by Rachel Waterhouse, National Director, Marketing & Membership Services on 26/11/2014

Digital disruption — the inexorable force that’s on the mind of every director and chief executive. As technology continues to make exponential progress, no industry has been left untouched. 

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Shareholder primacy: is there a need for change? Let the debate begin!

Posted by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing on 18/11/2014

Governance Institute recently held a panel discussion to launch our new discussion paper, Shareholder primacy: is there a need for change?

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Gender diversity in senior roles: What will it take to see progress?

Posted by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing on 11/11/2014

The issue of gender diversity on boards and in executive management has been kicking around for decades. Over the years, the debate has shifted from a focus on fairness and equity, to one of superior corporate performance with many studies including those from McKinsey, Catalyst and Credit Suisse showing that companies with a higher proportion of women on boards and in senior management perform better on many key financial measures.  

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AGM season opens for another year — but shareholders are switching off

Posted by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing on 24/09/2014

For Australia’s listed companies, September marks the kick-off of the AGM season — a time when shareholders and company directors and executives meet to discuss and make decisions about the company’s governance and performance.

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NFP reform reversal will create confusion

Posted by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing on 04/09/2014

The Federal Government has committed to abolishing the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) along with the dedicated regulatory framework which accompanied it, as part of a broader deregulation agenda. Policymakers are now considering submissions from the public on what arrangements should replace the ACNC

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