Year: 2019

  • Highlights of National Conference 2019 Day Two

    by Leon Cox, General Manager & Membership State Manager, VIC

    Day Two of the National Conference started with a comprehensive presentation on the global political and economic environment by Lakshmi Shyam-Sunder, Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, World Bank Group. Lakshmi stressed how the current uncertain global environment calls for a more agile response. She noted that the Global Policy Uncertainty Index has been rising, highlighted by the changing world power dynamics as countries are “splintering”.

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  • Highlights of National Conference 2019 Day One

    by Rachel Waterhouse, General Manager, Engagement

    What a start to National Conference 2019! Our CEO, Megan Motto, welcomed delegates and celebrated the gender diverse line-up of speakers.

    The international keynote address by Sir Winfried Bischoff, Chairman, JP Morgan Securities plc & Chairman, Financial Reporting Council UK offered incredible insights, touching on the importance of boards addressing the risks of climate change, boards’ awareness of diversity and the importance of boards challenging the CEO and company. Global business means a global approach to governance is required.

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  • 3 fears holding your team back from collaboration

    by Phil Preston, Collaborative Leadership Expert

    We would all love to manage teams that come together effortlessly, require low maintenance and exceed expectations. However, the reality is that working collaboratively is difficult, most people have never had any formal training in this area. You may have occasional breakthroughs, only to be frustrated when you find people drifting back to their old habits. Analysing the common challenges that arise provides insight into building cohesive teams and how to avoid dysfunction.

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  • Why strong governance and risk management skills are so critical for leaders

    by Liz McCoy, Founder and Director of Leadership Zone

    Good governance is as valid for the NFP sector as any other sector. Some people see NFP board and governance roles as an opportunity to tick the box to start out and build their governance experience.  You shouldn’t join to just tick a box.

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  • Are you planning to early adopt the new Corporate Governance Principles?

    by Catherine Maxwell, General Manager, Policy and Advocacy, Governance Institute of Australia

    Governance Institute of Australia thought it might be helpful for members to find out whether many companies are planning to adopt the new edition early.

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  • A note from Anji Kurian, National Events Content Lead

    by Anji Kurian, National Events Content Lead

    I have just come from a spirited discussion on the Ashes with Sir Winfried Bischoff’s team during a call regarding his keynote for National Conference 2019. It was a happy discussion for me on the cricket, and when we did get to talking about it, on Sir Win’s opening address.

    As the curator of the program, these absorbing calls with speakers and their teams, give me a sneak peek into the rich and resonant discussions that will make National Conference 2019 one of the best yet. So, it is with confidence that I invite you to attend this premium annual gathering of governance and risk management leaders from organisations like Coca-Cola Amatil, JP Morgan Securities plc, Wesfarmers,  Medibank, Australian Banking Association, Australia Post, Sports Australia, Mission Australia, The Smith Family, ASIC, APRA, Westpac, ANZ Bank, Optus, The World Bank and many others.

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